Industrial Websites That Work

All we do is industrial websites. We know your business!

The most overwhelming part of any website project for a small industrial distributor is the amount of time spent dealing with the website designer. How much time will you spend trying to explain what you do and what goes with what?

At Davasol we know what you do and how you do it. Of course we also know how to present your brand, products and services to your existing and future customers.

Understanding Your Customer Needs

Flashy websites with moving graphics and animations are all very well and good but your customer demographic needs one thing and one thing only.  Information about your firm and the products and services you sell.

A clean and clearly laid out website is key to retaining your customers interaction with your online brand image.

Your customer needs to understand very quickly what you do and how you do it.  Where are the product links, data sheet downloads, Contact Us information and so on.  Sounds obvious we know, but its surprising how many websites don't anticipate the trace of the customers gaze.

All Davasol websites incorporate clearly defined menus and sitemap layouts to encourage your customer to contact you for more information.  And we want them to contact you from your website.
Thats the point, after all.

Responsive Website Designs

You've heard of it but what exactly is it? Mobile friendly is the more commonly used term to describe a website that literally resizes and reorganizes itself to ensure that the site can be read on all types of devices and screen sizes.

All Davasol sites are coded in HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your site is fully responsive on all screen sizes.

This doesn't mean that it gets smaller on a small screen. It means it reconfigures to SUIT the device the website is being viewed on.

Image Preparation

Have some images you found? Are they honestly suitable for your site? Davasol staff utilize real software programs to ensure that all of the services we offer reflect in what we want your brand to be....professional.

We don't use "free" software to manipulate images. We use software designed specifically to do what we need it do.

All product images will be edited to offer a transparent or white background.

See the before and after image below. Click on it to get a higher resolution pop up in a new browser tab. The same image before and after, if you will. The "after" image is what you'll have on your website. Clean and professional.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You've heard of it, but what exactly is it?
Optimization means that all content on your website is OPTIMIZED so that it is relevant to search engines such as Google. Just because YOU see it on your site doesn't mean that the search engine sees it.

Mouse over the image below. A pop up message appears stating "Search Engine Optimization". This looks nice but Google cannot "see" this image.

This might be a very important product image, which will never be found when doing a Google image search by the potential customer.

SEO is the most important part of your website if you want to get found in today's world wide web. The visual part of your website, which is what your customers see, is what keeps them there and ensures they contact you!