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All we do is industrial websites and e‑commerce stores. We know your business!

e-commmerce industrial stores

Who is your competitor? The guy down the street? Your own supplier base? Maybe so, but in 2018 and beyond its also online.

Have a look at the image above. Bog box stores such as global retailers, national hardware stores and offshore sellers are making significant inroads into your customer base.

You know why they are succeeding? Its not price.  Far from it.  Its because it is easy to buy from them.

When you get an inquiry for a product by fax or email, how long does it take for you to reply back to your customer?  Be hour, two hours?

During that time what do you think your customer is doing? They are patiently waiting, at least they are for now.

Going forward they'll find the same product online, get the price and availability and buy it.

Why? Because it was fast and easy.

Davasol presents your product and brand to the world.  Your customers and of course potential customers don't want to buy your product.  They need to buy your product.  People don't go online to buy a spare hydraulic fitting.  They go online because they need a hydraulic fitting.  All they want is the cost and when they can get it.

With a good e‑commerce store you can provide that information immediately and of course 24 hours per day all year long.

At Davasol we know what you do and how you do it. We also know how to present your brand, products and services to your existing and future customers online at your store.

Remember, Amazon is successful because of one simple reason.  Its easy to buy product.  Plain and simple.  We'll make sure the same can be said of their shopping experience with you.

The SEO Benefits of E-Commerce

Every Single Product Page Offers a New Website Page

Consider how many pages you have on your company's website today? 10, 20 or maybe 100 even. These pages all represent your company using "keywords" to get your website found. You might have a page dedicated to a specific supplier and this enables people, looking for that supplier's product to hopefully find you. So having a lot of RELEVANT pages makes you more visible on search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

But how many "relevant pages" can you have on a standard, typical website? With e-commerce stores you will have a single web page for every single product. Consequently if you have 20,000 products listed you will have 20,000 website pages, all relevant and all showing on search engines so your customers will find you and before your competitors.

website pages
The Davasol team ensure that every single page is relevant with data pertinent to the product being advertised for sale. A typical product page consists of very SEO relevant data as highlighted on the following screenshot.

e-commerce descriptions seo

The Davasol Advantage

What We Offer the Industrial Distributor and Manufacturer

Understanding Your Customer Needs

The single biggest difference between Davasol Inc and the other "website guys" is that our whole background is from industrial distribution. We know what your customers are expecting and hoping for, when they visit an INDUSTRIAL e‑commerce store.

The Davasol e‑commerce platform has all the familiar features of a typical online store such as shopping carts, checkouts and so on but it also includes the following INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION features as well.

Understanding Your Data

Where do you start? Well where do we start actually. We need your product data. Part numbers, descriptions, your online "list" pricing and of course the ever elusive product image. Manufacturers datasheets, 3D CAD models and technical information can come but before anything else we need the data you already have in your business system. Download the product template here

Data Template Download

UPS Freight Adder Module

Davasol plugs in your existing UPS freight account credentials. When a customer sees a quoted freight price it is your freight cost they are seeing. Therefore if the price is $15.00 for shipping, thats how much they will pay and of course how much you will pay UPS.

Davasol has developed a unique freight module to enable you to add a percentage to your cost of freight or a fixed adder, such as $10. This enables you to make money on freight or at least enjoy the discounts you receive from UPS.

Davasol Quote Module

Quite often the management of industrial distributors and manufacturers regard the e‑commerce store as an extra sales person, which of course it is. However it should make up part of your sales team efforts rather than be regarded as competition amongst your sales personnel. The Davasol Quote Module allows each sales person to log into the store, just like a customer would, adding products to the shopping cart. However rather than checking out they generate a quotation instead. At this point they can change the net pricing or use a discount of their choice.

Hyper-links in the quotation sent to the customer allow the them to simply click on the link which directs them to your store and populates the cart with the quoted pricing.  Then they place the order. Its fast and its easy.

Thats the secret to selling products. Click on the thumbnail below see how a typical quote would look.

website pages

Davasol Customer Groups

You have a standard online price often referred to as a list price. Of course it can be less than the list price but nowadays will probably have to adhere to your suppliers MAP policy (Minimum Advertised Price). This avoids price dumping which could be a concern in the online world with everyone competing in the race to the lowest price possible. Not good for anyone of course.

Davasol has developed a Customer Group Module where certain customers are allocated different pricing groups to each other. For example you may want to offer a 10% discount from the list price or 15% or whatever you choose. This may be allocated store wide or only on certain product groups.

Based on the customer group you may also offer free shipping once a certain shopping cart value is reached. The Davasol Customer Group Module is virtually limitless allowing you to customize your particular customers experience and of course buying power.

Davasol Quantity Break Module

More often than not you want to be able to offer better pricing based on the quantity of products your customer orders. The Quantity Break Module allows just that. The more they buy, the better the pricing.

website pages

e‑commerce Store Interesting Fact

Did you know that for every product page you have an individual web page? Do you know what that means? If you have a supplier part number such as ACME 123GF then the page title of the web page will be ACM 123FG | Hydraulic Control Valve.

Therefore if someone "googles" ACME 123FG you are going to be very very high, if not first on Google, then very close. Unless there are many many other websites with the same page title. But are there? Probably not. And you didn't have to pay for advertising. Imagine if we load 20,000 part numbers from your supplier onto your store? Who do you think will be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and everywhere else when looking for specific part numbers? You.

Your competitors have a website. You have a website. But you can have a 20,000, 50,0000 or 100,000 page e‑commerce store. Get it found and get it sold!

Davasol Store Features