You think you have the don't

So you have a distribution agreement with a first class global manufacturer and all you need know is the data to load onto your e-commerce platform.  This is how your next conversation goes.

"Can you please send us an excel sheet with all of your part numbers, description, my net price, your list price and all product images?"

"Oh, umm, duh let me see what I can do."

Then what you receive is a PDF catalog if you're lucky containing all the images and a data dump from their ERP system.  Now you spend the next 6 months trying to figure it out and cross check it all and then give it to your excel, Photoshop, web master expert on your payroll.......that you don't have.

Davasol staff's largest portion of work in an e-commerce project is NOT building your e-commerce store.  Our unique e-commerce store template has been honed and continuously tweaked over the years.  We work on data for 95% of the time.  This includes:

Organizing your data into legible organized structure, common across all supplier files received.
Understanding what has been received, interpreting in and translating it into a customer friendly format.
Finding and editing your supplier product images to a common look and size, 1000's of them.
Ensuring that every single product has its own HTML SEO friendly and relevant Meta Title, Meta Description and Page Description.
Taking responsibility for this data which YOU now own as yours which remains yours, forever.

You can of course do this all yourself. Even if you have the right guys on staff, they are employed to do something else....and this task of data mining and organization simply will not get done and you know it. So we'll do it. You get on with your job and we'll get on with ours, resulting in a properly formatted and presented e-commerce data platform.