The President of Davasol Inc has been involved in industrial manufacturing and distribution since 1994.  This experience in YOUR industry brings a unique perspective to what is required in our online world for industrial B2B customers and suppliers.

Of course there are many website designers available today, some good and some not so good but by employing the services of Davasol Inc there is one thing that you save.  Time.  We don't need to have endless meetings concerning which products should go where and what product is related to another.  We know this already.

Because of this, your website can be up and running in no time.  Of course a website, unlike a printed catalog, is a very fluidic entity and therefore ongoing updates and improvements are part of the Davasol hosting package.  This ensures that your website remains current and relevant.

Davasol Inc staff are all based in Ontario Canada and travel across North America visiting clients to ensure that their websites and e-commerce stores are meeting our client's expectations.

Davasol web servers are hosted in Michigan USA with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.  All sites, particularly e-commerce stores, where your customers will be making monetary transactions, are secure with a dedictaed SSL industry standard encryption.  Credit card information from your customer is NEVER stored on your site or our server to ensure that you are never liable for loss.  In this day and age the best way to ensure security, is not to have anything of interest to hackers on your site!

We welcome your enquiry and prove to you how we can help you grow your business.  You will not be dissapointed.