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Graphic Design & Print Services

There are plenty of printers in your area and they can all print as much stuff as you want.  That is if you have the file.

Now you need a graphics that knows what you want right?  Good luck with that.

All the time and effort YOU spend explaining to someone what you want, you might as well have done it yourself. 

That's the difference at Davasol.  We know your bsuiness and know what you need.  Just tell us the overview and we'll take it from there, you review it and then we print.

Graphic Design

Have some images you found? Are they honestly suitable for your literature or catalogs?

Davasol staff utilize real software programs to ensure that all of the services we offer reflect in what we want your brand to be....professional.

We don't use "free" software to manipulate images.  We use software designed specifically to do what we need it do.

All product images will be edited to offer a transparent back ground to enable new backgrounds if so desired to match a color "theme" of your printed material as shown in the image example below.

Click on the before and after image below to get a higher resolution image pop up in a new browser tab.  The same image before and after, if you will.

The after image is what you'll have in your catalogs and literature.

image manipulation or editing example

Digital and Web Offset Printing

We are partnered with one of the best printing houses in Ontario.

With state of the art in-house printing equipment we are able to offer the best quality print services to our customers.

From brochure printing, to folded pieces such as trifolds, flyers, mailers etc, all the way to major publications and large catalogues. Davasol can handle your communication production. We are deadline oriented, which is the most important requirement of all of our clients.

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Graphic Design and Printing

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